Save for the planet - "The question of us."

Save for the planet is an organisation committed to healing country in light of the well documented issues in Australia's and the worlds land & water management. We intend to use the depth of knowledge contained in this country to spread to others and establish a better way of managing our land and water resources globally.

We intend to create a 3 part per episode web series to further these goals. It will contain a group discussion with a first nations elder, community leader & scientific academic. This discussion will be given to an array of people from varying backgrounds who are invited to come and discuss their feelings, ambitions and concerns in regards to healing country and finally film the group seen across the series in action cleaning up the environment. We have outlined this structure in more detail below:

Conversations with our elders and leaders both past, present & future: The goal of this is to find first nations elders and talk to them about the differences in narrative between what society has been shown and the reality of the history of their people, themselves and their vision of the future.

We will seek to find community leaders who are pushing forward with meaningful initiatives that display what a model for future societies can look like. We will discuss what challenges they face and anticipate, what their vision of our future is, why they feel responsible for attaining it.

We will find scientific academics and have them explain simply what their findings have been, explain the challenges they have faced in bringing the truth forward and what they believe the end outcome of their research points to if left unchecked. 

Each panel is to leave behind a question they feel must be answered if a truly desirable future is to be achieved.

Healing country at the pub: Forums are to be a public event hosted in a pub relevant to where the planned event is to occur that series. All people invited to the forum will be given the podcast from the panel discussion to listen to prior to attending, the conversation will be based around the question poised in the weeks podcast by the weeks guest. People will be encouraged to explore how they are responsible for making a change & if they are willing to do so. They are also encouraged to talk about what they consider a desirable future.

Reconnecting through reclamation: The series conversation will be leading to a community effort to clean, reclaim or rewild a particular part of nature. This will encompass before and after shots of the area showing the positive effects of the event & encouraging people to do similar. There will be a live music feature at the end of the reclaim/clean/rewilding efforts as a celebration of the project.

Currently we are asking for anyone interested in being involved in helping to create this project reach out, whether it is with ideas & suggestions for whot to speak to and what to cover or you are looking to join the and help produced this series.

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